Christie’s Seafood and Steaks Restaurant



Mr. Theodore Christie immigrated to the United States



Mr. Christie moved to Galveston, Texas after taking advice from a friend and opened a fried fish po’boy shop



Mr. Christie moved Christie’s Restaurant to the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas



Mr. Christie sold his restaurant to two men who had worked for him for over 10 years



The current location of Christie’s Seafood and Steaks restaurant opened on Westheimer in Houston, Texas

Have YOU Eaten at Christie’s?


Greater Houston’s Oldest Restaurant

While some cities can boast that “George Washington slept here,” Houston is new and vibrant – Christie’s Seafood & Steak at 100 gets to boast that it’s the oldest area restaurant. And while they’ve done some relocating – from Galveston to the Texas Medical Center to Westheimer – their fans have followed. When Christie’s moved to the TMC in 1934, they were selling 10,000 fish sandwiches a week.


Who is Selling all that Fish and Steak?

Christie’s is still family owned and run and after three generations, they still use the same recipes, and on a daily basis, make soup, salad dressings, and sauces; all seafood and meat is locally sourced. The original Christie was Theodore, a Greek immigrant and burgeoning restauranteur who moved to Galveston in 1917 where gambling was legal and the economy booming – he made his name selling fried fish on toasted po boy buns. In 1934, Christie made the move to Houston and the medical center. In 1955 James and his cousin Steve moved from Greece to work with Theodore. In 1967, they bought the restaurant and at the behest of Theodore changed their surname to Christie.


What Long-Time Houstonians Have to Say

“Still my favorite stuffed shrimp!”

“Loved their Fried Shrimp! Remember how excited we were when they opened on Westheimer?”

“Best fried shrimp on the planet. The remoulade sauce is the perfect complement to it.”

“Growing up on Teas St. in Bellaire we would go as a family after mass at Holy Ghost Catholic church. They had one on Bellaire Blvd. back in the late 60’s early 70’s.”

“We are 98 years old and Christie’s is still serving our famous fried shrimp and remoulade!”


Did You Know?

  • Theodore Christie emigrated in 1905 and started his American career as a court interpreter in New York City
  • In 1961, you could get seafood gumbo for $.60, today a pint will cost you $8.95.
  • In 1965, the Bellaire location had a delivery service
  • Today that 1917 fish sandwich costs $13.95



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